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Embark on a purposeful journey guided by genuine connection, emotive design, and an unwavering dedication to your experience.

Crafting a home that defies the ordinary requires a commitment to excellence at every turn. Whether you’re building, renovating, or furnishing a home, we pledge to provide you with a peerless experience that enriches your lifestyle from project inception to beyond completion.

Soulful, Livable Art

We are firm believers that exceptional design begins with a genuine connection. Our dedication to nurturing strong relationships and uncovering your distinct identity allows us to craft a vision that speaks to your soul. Setting the foundation for our top-tier client experience, we ensure every detail resonates with you on a personal level.

A Visual & Tactile Experience

We treat you to an immersive design experience that starts virtually or in person in our 3,000 square-foot design showroom. Jerad then translates your ideas and vision into a comprehensive design presentation accompanied by all of the visual and tactile elements of your design: a color story, fabrics, hardwoods, stone, and more.

Historic & Contemporary Relevance

To ensure both time-honored beauty and contemporary relevance, we enjoy integrating your cherished heirlooms, designing architectural details, and hand-selecting fine art. The result creates a beloved palimpsest of past, present, and future — a testament not only to your discerning taste but also to the enduring legacy of your home itself.