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Downtown Reinterpreted


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Situated within the converted original Chase office building, this high-rise apartment entices with luxury, modern living, and breaktaking views of the Mississippi River. This marks the third collaboration with our client, who sought to capture the high-rise living experience reminiscent of her cherished experience in Boston.

Leveraging furniture from her previous apartment and her remarkable art collection, we infused her Rivermark flat with both familiarity and novelty. Thoughtfully chosen new furnishings, accessories, and rugs complement her existing decor, uniting old and new. Our client’s own photography further enriches the space as artwork, adding a personal and meaningful touch.

The open living room accents sparkling panoramic views of the Mississippi River on two sides — a must for the design.

Meanwhile, a flexible dining space connects with the living area, enhancing the apartment’s versatility. From relaxed evenings to intimate soirées, style and comfort flow readily.