An artful, livable salute to your past, present, and future.

Rooted in Baton Rouge, our firm is renowned for delivering exquisitely crafted homes that are, without exception, inherently purposeful and comfortably opulent. With expert guidance, we lead you through a journey marked by time-honored traditions, joyful collaboration, and the inception of your very own tailor-made living environments.

Experience the art and soul of design.

The concept of an interior’s “soul” has captivated Jerad since childhood, igniting a lifelong quest for the elements that imbue a space with palpable life and presence. He discovered that it is a symphony of very specific details that animate a space: ones that shine and crackle with a sense of time, place, and humanity.

This revelation launched Jerad’s distinguished, 30-year career. Characterized by a human-first design process, his rarefied knowledge of history, and a keen eye, JF Gardemal Designs crafts interiors destined to uplift the spirit.

Recent Projects

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